The Schweikher House. (built in 1937–38)

A comprehensive vision and "unified" branding system for repositioning The Schweikher House by architect Robert Paul Schweikher. Including identity, collateral, catalogs, products and website.

Upon its com­ple­tion in 1938 the house was as a sim­ple and mod­est assem­blage of 2400 sq ft. In essence it is a three-room open plan struc­ture with beau­ti­ful spaces for liv­ing, sleep­ing and working. Located on a farm field on the rural edge of Chicago’s urban energy (now Schaumburg), the house staked its own dis­tinc­tive posi­tion in the world of Prairie School evo­lu­tion, inter­na­tional mod­ernism. Created and produced by Segura and MAS Context in Chicago. (Winner of the 2018 STA 100 competition)