"REAL" 2019

This campaign was created as a personal message to the public and all mayoral candidates of the 2019 Chicago Mayor's race for the purpose of unity. It launched on April 21st and was partially revealed at the Chicago Soho House on April 28th. It is the goal of this campaign to speak as clearly as possible, express the problems as plainly as possible, and effect change as quickly as possible. It represents views thru honesty, clarity, truth and experiences. Winner of the 2018 STA 100 competition and presented at the Chicago Michigan Avenue Apple store on November 1st, 2018 as well as at Typeforce X - the 10-year anniversary exhibit in Chicago at the Co-Prosperity Sphere Gallery from February 22nd through March 8th, 2019.

* The “I AM LIKE YOU” image uses Augmented Reality - IT MUST BE VIEWED WITH THE ARTIVIVE APP. (applies to all instances of this image - two examples below)


The goal of this series is to present and expresses the simplicity, power and need of being "REAL". Here, we show a few positioning statements, sample promotional items, social experiments and misc collateral to showcase the ideas, which will populate areas of the city through the year.