Q101 Radio "Random Acts v2".

The second of an ongoing series of limited edition compilations called "Random Acts" from Q101 radio in Chicago. This release includes music from Liz Phair, Local H, Triple Fast Action, Dyslexic Apaches, The Moon Seven Times, Supermodel, Busker Soundcheck, The Lupins, Flatbush Foot Brigade, Hush Drops, Rustbucket, Simple Simon, Chris Connelly, Squash Blossom and Urge Overkill.

"Random Acts 2" stands as one of the few sequels worth making.
The first disc raised over $15,000 for Clara's House, a shelter for homeless and battered women and children in the west Englewood neighborhood of Chicago.

Like the first CD, this project works on two levels. The first being that of selfless benevolence; "random acts of kindness", as mentioned on "Random Acts". Like before, all net proceeds from "Random Acts 2" go to Clara's house. Clara's House opened its doors in 1987, seeking to "meet peoples basic needs for jobs, food, housing, a healthy life, and decent education through projects and programs directed at advocacy, social services, empowerment, and education and self-awareness".

The other aspect of "Random Acts" is the music. Without question, it would take a regular series of box sets to even begin to scratch the surface of Chicago artists. The bands here are among the finest, and most have contributed a live track that was recorded especially for this album. Live music is the reason there is a "Chicago scene". On any given night, there are anywhere from 10-100 clubs featuring local artists on stage, playing their hearts out to the most loyal of fans.