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A few of our awards.

Segura Inc. and T26 have received numerous awards (a few listed below) from organizations around the world, including the Tokyo Type Directors Club, The Society of Typographic Arts, both the New York Art Directors Club and the New York Type Directors Club, and the American Center for Design. Segura's work has been shown in many journals including Eye, Creative Review, Graphis, Print, HOW, and publications by PIE Books, North Light Books, Duncan Baird Publishing, F&W Publications, Rockport Publishers, Die Gestalten Verlag Publishing and others and our work has been shown in exhibits from the Denver Art Museum to Tokyo Japan. Just a handful are showcased below.

In December of 2004, Segura was honored with Europe's Red Dot Award for the series called "Crop" for Corbis. Both the Grand Prix and the Best of the Best were awarded, the first time ever to a US design firm. In 2005, we again received the "Red Dot: Best of the Best" award for both Crop-5 and CACP, both again for Corbis.

Carlos Segura receives the 2017 AIGA fellow Award.

Design 50: Who Shapes Chicago 2014
Segura named as one of the 50 for a second year by NewCity.

Korean Society of Typography. Carlos Segura has been inducted as a "Special Member".

Design 50: Who Shapes Chicago 2013
Segura named as one of the 50 by NewCity.

The Tokyo Type Directors Club's 2009 Annual Awards competition has recognized Cartype out of 3,316 entries from all around the world.

The New York Art Directors Club honors us with a Cerificate of Merit and inclusion in the 2006 85th annual for the CACP issue from the Cropseries of large format catalogs created for Corbis.

T26 was honored by the Tokyo Type Directors Club with a Bronze Prize for the T26 Newspaper series of promotional materials for the foundry, some of which included the D-Set, Alias, Identikal and Anytime, among others. Its now featured in the new Tokyo Type Directors Club's TDC 1000book which showcases projects that received a Tokyo TDC Annual Awards and celebrates the 25th anniversary of the organization.

The founders.

Carlos Segura, founder of the Chicago-based design firm Segura Inc., came to the United States from Cuba at the age of nine. He began his career in graphic design as a production artist in Miami but soon gained more interesting challenges. He moved to Chicago in 1980 and worked for many prestigious ad agencies, including BBDO, Foote Cone & Belding, Young & Rubicam, Ketchum, and DDB.

In 1991 he founded Segura Inc. to pursue design more creatively with the goal of blending as much "fine art" into "commercial art" as he could.

Sun Segura, Managing Director. With years of experience in Interior Design and author of the book "Reset", Sun is the foundation for managing the endless details of varied design projects while keeping the larger goals in focus.

Working side-by-side with Carlos for over 25 years, she has managed countless projects for a wide variety of clients with her easy-going, yet direct and assured personality. Her ability to understand the client's desires and objectives has helped to make each project unique in its design and successful in its results.

About our logo.

I am from Cuba. I was born there after our family fled Spain's Francisco Franco (where we lost everything) and moved to Cuba for a new and better life. My grandfather had a small department store in downtown Oriente which he named Segura.

When Fidel Castro took over in January of 1959, things looked like they would get better after the Fulgencio Batista days, but it wasn't long before we were all going through the same injustice as we experienced in Spain, and by the early 1960s, all was lost.

Castro took everything we had, and by 1965, we fled Cuba for the USA via Mexico to Miami where I grew up. We were not permitted to bring anything at all. Only what we were wearing minus any jewelry.

It took my grandfather over 20 years just to get a handful of family photos and a copy of one of the ads for his store smuggled out of Cuba by relatives.

During a recent visit with my parents this subject came up and my father gave me the framed ad his dad had given him. Of course when I saw it, I feel in love with it. At that very moment I knew I would have to carry the name with this mark (probably from the early 1950s) and changed our logo to this

A year later, we were going thru some old photos and found an image of my grandfather and my uncle in front of the store in 1954. So as you can now see, our new logo is not so new.

A bit of history.

Founder and principal Carlos Segura, an award-winning designer whose work is well-respected in the local, national and international design communities, brings over two decades of advertising experience with him, being a successful art director for many of the advertising giants such as Young & Rubicam, Ketchum, HCM Marsteller, Bayer Bess Vanderwacker, FCB and BBDO, prior to establishing Segura Inc. in 1991.

Segura Inc was the beginning of a series of commercial ventures that expanded Carlos Segura's creative efforts. In 1994, the T26 Digital Type Foundry was born to explore the typographical side of the business. T26 fonts are now distributed throughout the world.

In 2001, He again ventured into a new category by starting 5inch, (now closed) and in 2004, launched Cartype with further expansions of the typographical segment with Biketype Mototype and Trucktype.

We can be reached at 773.960.9673 or via Segura and if you'd like to keep up with what were up to, we invite you to subscribe to our Mailing List.