Corbis "Itch" catalog.

"Itch". The Corbis catalog used to announce the acquisition and joining of the Zefa and Corbis image collections. Featuring images in four chapters, or "Degrees" of life, it showcases work in the Child, Youth, Adult and Elderly stages of life

Chapter 1. Child. The beginning chapter contains the period in a person's life from birth to early childhood. This section merges into the age in which a child begins his or her schooling which is where the second chapter will begin.

Chapter 2. Youth. The start of experiments with everything in life and the begining of external influences that effect the rest of our lives.

Chapter 3. Adult. Reality starts to set in and pressures of life sometimes change the person we intended to be. Plans change but we do the best we can.

Chapter 4. Elderly. Facing unique and unexpected challenges, this final chapter covers the final part of the human existence.