Corbis "Crop-5" catalog.

Corbis Crop series catalog. This one is Crop-5 and is the most expensive one to date, it comes in a silk-screened, plastic corrugated portfolio case with a built-in in handle.

The catalog measures 19.75x26.75. The main catalog has several additional catalog inserts. They are:
1) "Celeb", insert, 16 pages 2) "Reuters" insert, 16-pages, 8x10.5 and 3) "Marvel Comics", 16-pages, 8x10.5

Papers include cambric cameo 80# coated dull bk, shine pearl 80# coated dull bk, utopia premium ivory 100# coated dull bk, plike 122# coated dull cv, utopia two 100# coated dull bk, durotone newsprint 70# offset smt, gilbert esse 80# coated dull bk, kromekote 100# coated gloss bk, mohawk ultra felt 80# coated dull bk, finch smooth 100# offset smt, lustra dull cream 100# coated dull bk.