Corbis "Crop-2" catalog.

Corbis Crop series catalog. This one is Crop-2 which was comprised of six very distinct catalogs, all focusing on separate categories and delivered as a complete package.

The main, large-format catalog showcased the latest imagery from Corbis, along with a catalog called "66", which told the story of the car culture. It was titled 66 because when you apply a number to each letter of the word "corbis" and add them all together, they total 66.

"And the world just turned around" featured imagery of transformative moments in history that changed our world like the Exxon Valdez oil spill, Lockerbie bombing air disaster, Tiananmen Square, 911, the shuttle crash among others.

"Hunks" featured male celebrities from the 1970s, and a separate larger catalog called "Celebs" featured current celebrities.