Life In Perpetual Beta / by Carlos Segura

Life In Perpetual Beta - a documentary produced and directed by Melissa Pierce.


Showcasing the thoughts, views and opinions of (in order of appearance) Chris Saad, Jeffrey Zeldman, Baratunde Thurston, Juliette Powell, Seth Godin, Biz Stone, Brian Solis, Liz Danzico, Xuanlan Nguygen, Carin Goldberg, Lorem Feldman, Jeff Pulver, Gary Vaynerchuk, Liz Strauss, Jim Coudal, Jake Nickell, Jeffrey Kalmikoff, Jason Fried, Tatiana DeMaria, Nova Spivack, Carlos Segura, Kevin Lyman and Dan Pink, Life In Perpetual Beta poses the question: Is the planned life worth living anymore?

Carlos was also interviewed by Melissa Pierce at at the 3rd Seed Conference in Chicago.

About Life In Perpetual Beta.
"Life In Perpetual Beta is not a film about the very rich and very poor, but rather, it's the first documentary to study those artists and entrepreneurs in the middle whose passions power the economy, creating new businesses, new business categories, and occasionally entire creative ecosystems - those whose efforts to live a more creative and authentic life create opportunities not just for themselves but for dozens and sometimes thousands of others. Whether they create web software, design posters, perform as musicians, or run entire musical tours, what unites these disparate creative entrepreneurs is their ability to sell their work without selling their souls.

About Melissa Pierce.
I feel like, "First time caller long time listener" pretty much sums it all up for me. I'm a first time filmmaker who reinvented myself while creating a documentary about other people who have done the same: reinvented themselves as creative entrepreneurs.

Before this film, I was a fairly successful life coach who home-schooled her teenage son while simultaneously parenting two preschoolers. In other words, I had a very busy life and really had no business even thinking about making a film, but I was so passionate about the themes of my film, there was just no way I could NOT make it.

I learned so much in the process of making this movie, about technology, the creative process, human nature, social behavior, and myself - now I'm on a mission to share my findings with the world, which is why I'm producing this documentary.