The Rebranding of Corbis / by Carlos Segura

Segura inc's comprehensiove rebranding of Corbis is one of the case histories featured in this Taschen 2007 edition of "Logo Designs", in additional to multiple logos for other Segura clients.

This exhaustive guide brings together diverse logos from over 30 countries, organized into chapters by theme, such as media, retailers, events, regions, service and agencies. A full index provided at the end of the book lists each logo`s company, designer, and designer`s website. Also included is a case study section, concentrating on logo application and development.

The following are just a few of the many projects produced under this multi-year effort…
Stationery, Crop-1, Crop-2, Crop-3, Crop-4, Crop-5, CACP, Perpignan, RF, Sample, Comics.