Look At This / by Carlos Segura

Look at This: Contemporary Brochures, Catalogues & Documents, by Adrian Shaughnessy is a book that features the best of contemporary printed literature.

It offers a critical survey of current graphic design, showing work by leading practitioners from the USA, Europe and Japan. Arranged in a designer-by-designer format and accompanied by interviews with some of the designers responsible for the featured work, this book offers a complete and informative picture of this popular subject.

One of the many pieces we did for Corbis called CACP is featured. Not only are we honored, but also grateful for the very kind words describing our heartfelt effort.

It reads as follows...

"Segura Inc was briefed by long-standing client Corbis to design a catalog to announce the launch of the company's Assignment and reservation services.

Corbis was now moving into the area of specific assignments. A powerful statement was needed to launch the new range of services to an image hungry market. 

With characteristic élan Segura Inc. created a striking document. It comes in a large, well-proportioned boxing contains a handsome book with oddball graphics and off-kilter imagery.

As with nearly all Segura Inc's work for Corbis, it is more an event than a document: receiving something from Corbis, when its been designed by Segura, is like receiving a piece of theatre.

The substantial body of impressive print work that Segura Inc has built up for Corbis in recent years appears almost to be an anomaly. Surely at a time when image libraries are moving to a near total reliance on the internet?

Carlos Segura has no doubts about the importance of print: 'Humans require the interaction of feeling a document' he states. 'Print will never die"

Adrian Shaughnessy is co-founder of London design consultancy Intro. He writes for numerous design journals including EyeCreative Review and Grafik, is a guest contributor to Design Observer, the leading design blog.