Typeforce 7 / by Carlos Segura

Curators Ed Marzsewski & Dawn Hancock have included our StreetsOfSadness initiative among those selected to be one of the participants of Typeforce 7, which opens on Friday, February 26, at the Co-Prosperity Sphere located at 3219 South Morgan Street in Chicago, Illinois. 

Register via Facebook to see the 2016 exhibition, which includes artists like...

Alexander Hayashi, Andy Gregg, Benjamin Koditschek, Brian Hanson, Bud Rodecker, Carlos Segura, Coleman Collins, Collin Joyce, David Sieren, Elisabeth Hass, Ellen Winston, James Johnston, Jenna Blazevich, Jessica Barrett Sattell, Lora Fosberg, Michael Zhang, Michelle Winchell, Mohamed Dardiri, Peter Compernolle, Pouya Ahmadi, Pegah Ahmadi, Remy Glock, Rick Griffith, Rick Valicenti, Sam Rosen, Scott Albrecht, Shelby Rothenöfer, Taek Kim, Taekyeom Lee, Tanner Bowman, and Tanner Woodford.

Reader - Word-art is the word at Typeforce.