Typo Berlin 2010 / by Carlos Segura

The Germans have a saying that you have to be on fire yourself to light one. Many designers are driven by a special kind of dedication, both professionally and personally. In addition to craft and creativity, bringing passion to the job is the key to success. Passion gives us the power to act. It is the foundation of change and of progress.

Carlos Segura will speak at TYPO 2010, May 20-22, 2010 along with some 50 designers and creatives that will show how easy success can be if you trust in your passion.

Spend a few days under the spell of their passions and attack your own work with new fire in your belly. TYPO will inspire you to delve into the creative resources you harbour inside yourself. Stay connected via their Facebook page.

Jonathan Barnbrook
Erwin K. Bauer
David Berman
Hartmut Bohnacker
Veronika Burian
David Carson
Candy Chang
Jan Chipchase
Malte Christensen
Diederik Corvers
Christoph Dunst
Dragan Espenschied
Andreas Frohloff

Ivo Gabrowitsch
Daniel-Jan Girl
Daniel Gjode
Heide Hackenberg
Christian Hanke
Ralf Herrmann
Fons Hickmann
Richard Kegler
Rob Keller
Erik Kessels
Alexandra Korolkova
Michael Kubens
Konig Bansah
Julia Laub
Alessio Leonardi

Wolf Lindau
Knut Maierhofer
Martin Majoor
Laura Meseguer
Niels Shoe Meulman
Jan Middendorp
Sebastien Morlighem
Yves Peters
Jorg Petruschat
Oliver Reichenstein
Dan Reynolds
Rich Roat
Joachim Sauter
Florian Schmidt
Frank Schomburg

Piet Schreuders
Carlos Segura
Julian Smith
Erik Spiekermann
Torsten Stapelkamp
Studio Dumbar
Andrea Tinnes
Bastian Unterberg
Erik van Blokland
Paul van der Laan
Uta von Debschitz
Thilo von Debschitz
Julian Zimmermann