Typeforce X by Carlos Segura

I am very honored to be part of the final curated show - Typeforce X.
A big thank you to curators Ed Marzsewski & Dawn Hancock for including our award-winning “REAL” campaign in this 10-year anniversary exhibit in Chicago at the Co-Prosperity Sphere Gallery. It opens on Friday, February 22nd at 6PM and runs through March 8th, 2019.

This years participating artists include, Nick Adam, Pouya Ahmadi, Pegah Ahmadi, Jenna Blazevich, Linda Elshami, Andy Gregg, Adrianne Hawthorne, Matthew Hoffman, Ade Hogue, Kelly Knaga, Anthony Lewellen, Andy Luce, Frances MacLeod, Jordan Martins, Mike McQuade, Jack Muldowney, John Pobojewski, Bud Rodecker, Carlos Segura, Taekyeom, Tubsz, Rick Valicenti, Eduardo Vea and Matt Wizinsky.

To experience the full Augmented Reality portion of the show, be sure to come with the Artivive App loaded on your phone. Here is a bit of a tease…


Chicago Artists Series by Carlos Segura

A nice little short from our friend Edu Vea Keating aka NosE of Chicago Artist Series. And a thank you to All City Canvas for this wonderful post.

Creative Director by day, maker by night. Eduardo Vea Keating likes wearing many hats. He loves contemporary art and writes about different artists for "All City Canvas" but he also designs, paints and directs. This Spaniard living and working in Chicago loves documenting the different creative processes of the artists he meets. He started doing it with some of his personal projects under the @noselanariz aka NosE moniker, and now he gets comfortable behind the camera as he visits some of the Windy City artists studios and becomes part of this rich community.

Chicago Characters by Carlos Segura

The Society of Typographic Arts (STA) curated a public art project to be displayed in the Merchandise Mart on Thursday, November 15, 2018, from 6-8pm called Chicago Characters. It will be up until the end of the year— possibly beyond. We are one of 30 talented Chicago designers/artists asked to participate, and with our piece, we chose to pay tribute to the Container Corporation of America. RSVP to the opening reception.


A little about the project:

Featuring work by: Adé Hogue, Alicia Marquez, Bart Crosby, Ben Blount, Bud Rodecker, Carlos Segura, Cody Hudson, Dana Arnett, David Lee Csicsko, David Sieren, Eileen Tjan, Jackson Cavanaugh, Jenna Blazevich, Justin Ahrens, Kira Crugnale, Kyle Letendre, Lisa Armstrong, Liz Kanter, Marcia Lausen, Maria Grillo, Matthew Hoffman, Nick Adam, Renata Graw, Rick Valicenti, Shannon Downey, Sharon Oiga, Shelby Rodeffer, Tanner Woodford, Vida Sačić, Whitney Colley.

A part of ArtDesignChicago.com programming, Chicago Characters will feature 30 posters celebrating the typographic design history of Chicago. The theme for each 18x24" poster will be the marrying of a historical character in Chicago’s design history with a character of the alphabet (A-Z plus &#@‽). For example, the poster "C is for Oswald Cooper" would be inspired by Cooper, his life, or his work and would feature the letter C.

The project will tell the story of Chicago design through characters of the alphabet (a familiar and approachable subject) and past Chicago designers (a lesser known legacy)—limited to the period between 1871–2000. Designs could pay homage to the founding designers who were instrumental in introducing movements happening worldwide to Chicago, like New Bauhaus, Art Deco and Modern. 

Even within the design community, the history of typography and lettering in Chicago is not widely known, and this project will increase awareness of the legacy of talent we have in our city.


Apple presents Segura by Carlos Segura

Carlos Segura will make a short and involving presentation at the Michigan Avenue Apple store in Chicago on November 1st, 2018


Loyola by Carlos Segura

Carlos Segura will be a Guest Speaker at Loyola University Chicago School of Communication’s Water Tower Campus in the Advertising Creative Program “COMM 266 Advertising Copywriting” course taught by Chuck Rudnick on October 23, 2018 (not open to the public).

(image courtesy of Loyola)

(image courtesy of Loyola)

STA 100 by Carlos Segura

The Society of Typographic Arts’s (STA) 100 competition honors us with three awards in 2018. First for our “Real” campaign, then for The Schweikher House project and for our SKLD project.


The STA brings the design community together by inviting and encouraging all creative professionals to help build a community with social, educational, and networking opportunities. Through events, activities, conferences and publications, as well as the STA100 competition, the STA affirms its dedication to pursuing excellence in all forms of communication.

SOHO HOUSE by Carlos Segura


On Saturday, April 28th, 2018 a special presentation on "Designing a Mayoral campaign with Neal Sales-Grifin" will be made at 6:30 PM. Carlos Segura Creative Director and creator of the disruptive "Neal for Real" campaign (launched on April 21st) will share the stage with Messaging Director Claire Lew of Know Your Company and photographer Paul Octavious as Neal shares his vision for the future of Chicago.


You Are Beautiful by Carlos Segura

Segura is one of many contributors to Matthew Hoffman's You Are Beautiful project at Workshop 4200 on September 15th, 2017.

In partnership with EXPO Chicago, and in coordination with EXPO Art Week's Art After Hours, Workshop 4200 is proud to present "Find Your Way", new works by Matthew Hoffman.

For Find Your Way, Chicago artist Matthew Hoffman has constructed a multi-room, site specific installation at Workshop 4200. This one weekend only event will showcase a new batch of 2D & 3D works, and act as the launch of Workshop 4200. Much of the work focuses on the You Are Beautiful project, including large installations & collaborative works curated by The Bright Side.

The Bright Side wants to show the world that every culture has its own beauty to offer, which is why they decided to team up with Matthew Hoffman, the founder of the “You Are Beautiful” campaign. Together, as a part of his main exhibition called "Find Your Way", they sent out 100 wooden panels, each with Hoffman’s trademark phrase inscribed in a different language, to immigrants living across the country with the instruction to design the board in a way that represented their own culture and their journey to the United States. This project's aim is to show that beauty has no borders.

you are beautiful_1.jpg
you are beautiful_2.jpg

El Barrio by Carlos Segura

Anexis Morales includes us in his design blog and podcast series called El Barrio. This 42-minute interview is in Spanish and covers a wide range of subjects including my history, experience, tips, goals and procedure.


Carlos Segura, fundador de la empresa de diseño con sede en Chicago Segura Inc., llegó a los Estados Unidos desde Cuba a la edad de nueve años. Comenzó su carrera en el diseño gráfico como un artista de producción, pero pronto ganó desafíos más interesantes. Se mudó a Chicago en 1980 y trabajó para muchas agencias de publicidad prestigiosas, incluyendo BBDO, Marsteller, Foote Cone y Belding, Young & Rubicam, Ketchum y DDB Needham. En 1991 fundó Segura Inc. para perseguir el diseño de forma más creativa con el objetivo de mezclar tanto arte comercial con el diseño.

Top Ten List by Carlos Segura

The TDR™ My Top Tens book by The Designers Republic is now available and we could not be more excited to be a part of it. The list of participants is impressive and are honored to be included.

carlos segura_tdr.jpg

Make a List. Make a Wish. Whatever else you may want it to be, My Top Tens is primarily a limited edition 276-page book marking Evolutionprint’s Ten Years of Trust, conceived, curated, collated and Made In The Designers Republic™ in and around our 30th birthday. Five years on from A Bunch Of Fives, My Top Tens taps into the swampy psychs of 129 fellow travellers trying to sculpt sense from the enormousness of everything squeezed into personal Top Ten shaped spaces — kinda 1300 inspirations / fascinations from bright sparks who should know better than to put it in writing. Blessed are The List Makers.

Alex Webster, Alice Rawsthorn, Andreas Pihlström, Andrew Walker, Angharad Lewis, Ashleigh Barron, Azusa Ozawa, Barbara Morgenstern, Bojan Hadzihalilovic, Bostjan Vuga, Chris Madden, Cindy Stern, Clemens, Weisshaar, Clint Mansell, Cory Schmitz, Craig Burston, Cristabel Christo, Damon Fairclough, Daniel Glaser, Dave Haslam, David Bailey, David Crow, David Nicholas Wilkinson, Deljana Iossifova, Dijana Vucinic, Dominique Fletcher, Duggie Fields, Edward Ricart, Eivind Aarset, Elodie Ginsbourg, Erik Spiekermann, Evan Sharp, Franklin Tipton, George Law, Graham Crabb, Graham Jones, Graham Wood, Gudrun Gut, Hugh Allan, Hugo Glendinning, Ian Anderson, James Sommerville, Jessica Walsh, James Fry, John L Walters, Jon Hannan, Jonathan Waring, Jonathan Barnbrook and Jonathan Newbould to name a few.

The edition is limited to 750 numbered copies, of which only 200 will be authenticated, stamped and signed, and on general sale via TDR™'s Big Cartel store.

The Bright Side by Carlos Segura

Everyone's got a story, and of course I have mine. Thanks to Melis Sönmez for sharing it on her beautiful project celebrating our varied cultures called The Bright Side. Its an honor to be among, Pilu SanchezWhitney C. & Anton J.Adriana Mendez MartinezManuel Torres, Sun SeguraAysegul SanfordEduardo Vea KeatingSigne J. & Dogan S.Petra BachmaierCarlos Arturo TorresSarp Kerem YavuzRenata Graw and Michaël Harboun, just to name a few.

While we came to the US in 1965, it wasn't until 1967 that we could even be in a place to celebrate Christmas. This photo is taken in the home I grew up in. Me (in center bottom) with two of my brothers. Eddy on the left and Robert on the bike.

While we came to the US in 1965, it wasn't until 1967 that we could even be in a place to celebrate Christmas. This photo is taken in the home I grew up in. Me (in center bottom) with two of my brothers. Eddy on the left and Robert on the bike.

Columbia College by Carlos Segura

On Tuesday, May 9, 2017, Carlos Segura and Rick Valicenti will do a joint talk at 6 PM to Ron Kovach's final class of the semester at Columbia College Chicago located at 623 South Wabash in room 917.

Iker Gil, Carlos Segura, Rick Valicenti and Ron Kovach.

Iker Gil, Carlos Segura, Rick Valicenti and Ron Kovach.

2017 AIGA Fellow Award by Carlos Segura

The Fellow award is a peer honor, bestowed upon designers who have made a significant contribution to raising the standards of excellence in practice and conduct within their local or regional design community as well as in their local AIGA chapter. Each year, many of AIGA’s chapters honor local design legends with this esteemed award. 

On Thursday, April 13th the ceremony will be held at Loft on Lake and we are tremediously honored to be part of such great company.


Join us for a night of drinks, light bites, and celebratory cheers.

The Fellow Award
Carlos Segura

The Corporate Leadership Award
Cards Against Humanity

The Above & Beyond Award
Kelly Knaga

The Emerging Designer Award
Jenna BlazevichSophia Brown, and Alex Sheyn

Fellow Award
The Fellow Award program is a means of recognizing mature designers who have made a significant contribution to raising the standards of excellence in practice and conduct within the Chicago design community and within AIGA Chicago. The areas of education, writing, leadership and reputation, as well as the practice of design are given equal consideration in measuring significance. Chapter Fellows are listed at AIGA.org and honored at the AIGA Awards, held each year in New York.

Past Chicago Chapter Recipients:
2016: Maria Grillo, Victor Margolin
2014: Dana Arnett, Wendy Pressley-Jacobs
2013: Cheryl Towler Weese
2012: Harri Boller
2011: Marcia Lausen
2010: Arnold Goodwin
2009: Morton Goldscholl
2008: Art Paul, Jilly Simons
2007: Joseph Michael Essex
2006: Greg Samata, Pat Samata
2005: Robert Vogele
2004: Rick Valicenti
2003: Philip Burton
2002: Susan Jackson Keig
2001: John Massey
2000: Bart Crosby
1999: Hayward Blake

National AIGA Awards Recipients.

Pencilvania by Carlos Segura

"Pencilvania, Blood & News" is a monthly publication from Barcelona by Juan Cardosa and  Its very first issue will be dedicated to Trump.

Selected artists include Mr. Zé, Carles Murillo, Pedro Sevilla, Andrés Requena, Santi Gonzales, Xavi Palouzie, Gillermo Aliaga, Pedro Triviñio, Alessandro Apal, Jordi Alcaraz, David Torrents, Buen Javier, Quim Massana, Francis Rebollar, Juan X. Vazquez, Ludwig Caramillo, Luca Cappuccio, Hiroshi Shimamura, Sebastian Diaz, Luis Paadin, 57 Serigrafia, Juan Cardosa and Oscar Guayabero.

Our submission is below.

Archive's 200 Best Package Designs by Carlos Segura

An international jury comprising of art directors, designers and publishing professionals on behalf of Lürzer’s Archive's 200 Best Packaging Design worldwide 2017/2018 showcases our "Grid" Project for Alex Ross in this 300 page book with a circulation of 20,000 and available for €34.50.


Car+Culture by Carlos Segura

Carlos Segura knows design, he knows cars, he loves both and combines the effort on his Cartype blog that has been named "The Top 100 Car Blogs" in 2016 by Feedspot and WashOS, as well as "The best 25 Car Blogs" by Defensive Driving and "Top 100 Automotive Blogs" in 2015 by NFC. Filmmaker Ben Derico features Carlos in the latest installment of his video series called Car+Culture.

New World School of the Arts by Carlos Segura

Carlos Segura will give a lecture to the graphic design's student body of the New World School of the Arts in Miami, Florida on Monday April 11, 2016. NWSA is a public arts conservatory that provides affordable arts education for all. 

Typodarium 2017 by Carlos Segura

Typodarium is a tear-off calendar, just like the one our grandma used to hang in the kitchen. But this calendar unveils a new font everyday. We can therefore have, a whole year long, the chance to broaden our knowledge, to discover the font’s history and development, to possess a piece of jewellery that is new everyday. On the front, the font will be prominently displayed, and on the back it will be described in details. How it originated, from what or who came the inspiration and where we can obtain the font.

We're honored to be a part of this calendar with four days, Thursday May 4, Friday July 21, Friday November 17 and Saturday November 21 which feature seven font families, including Square 40 and Square 45, Time In Hell, Pintor as well as the complete set of Marquer by Carlos Segura.

Lars Harmsen Designer and publicist. Editor of Slanted magazine and weblog. Co-Editor of Photodarium.
Raban Ruddigkeit. Designer and publicist. Editor of Freistil. Co-Editor of Photodarium.


Typeforce 7 by Carlos Segura

Curators Ed Marzsewski & Dawn Hancock have included our StreetsOfSadness initiative among those selected to be one of the participants of Typeforce 7, which opens on Friday, February 26, at the Co-Prosperity Sphere located at 3219 South Morgan Street in Chicago, Illinois. 

Register via Facebook to see the 2016 exhibition, which includes artists like...

Alexander Hayashi, Andy Gregg, Benjamin Koditschek, Brian Hanson, Bud Rodecker, Carlos Segura, Coleman Collins, Collin Joyce, David Sieren, Elisabeth Hass, Ellen Winston, James Johnston, Jenna Blazevich, Jessica Barrett Sattell, Lora Fosberg, Michael Zhang, Michelle Winchell, Mohamed Dardiri, Peter Compernolle, Pouya Ahmadi, Pegah Ahmadi, Remy Glock, Rick Griffith, Rick Valicenti, Sam Rosen, Scott Albrecht, Shelby Rothenöfer, Taek Kim, Taekyeom Lee, Tanner Bowman, and Tanner Woodford.

Reader - Word-art is the word at Typeforce.