New York Art Directors Club by Carlos Segura

The CACP issue from the Crop series of large format catalogs created for Corbis continues to win. The New York Art Directors Club has honered us with a Cerificate of Merit and inclusion in the 2006 85th annual.

"CROP" is a large format product catalogue series for the client Corbis Stock Photography. There have been seven produced to date as part of a re-branding effort. Segura Inc. have been involved with the client for almost two years. While the catalogues are free, print runs are limited to 30,000 and include an extraordinary number of different papers, printing techniques and varied content, all in specially produced packaging.

STA Archives by Carlos Segura

Projects included in this years collection include 5inch, the Segura identity system, the Yosho identity system, the MiTea identity system, Corbis' Crop-1, Corbis' Crop-4, Corbis' CACP, Corbis' Perpignan and Corbis RF RF-1, RF-2, RF-3 and RF-4 series.

Archive '05 will be a retrospective competition... open to works created at any point during the STA's 77-year history. The only criteria are design integrity and a Chicago foundation.

This was the opening statement for the inaugural Archive '05 Call For Entries - the first in a series of annual juried shows open exclusively to the Chicago design community.

The purpose of the annual Archive competition is to add to the already substantial legacy of design in Chicago; to promote Chicago's vibrant design community; to recognize the influence of design excellence on business; and, to make the collection available to the global community of students, designers and historians online through the Chicago Design Archive.

Additional 2005 winners include:
Angelica Acebedo
Avenue Group, LLC
Christopher Back
Baer Design Group, Inc.
Bankers Life and Casualty Company
C. Joel Beaman
Jason M. Bitner
Birkdesign, Inc.
Blankenburg Associates
Bluesoup Design
William Carlson
Columbia College Chicago
Kristen Craine
Da Be Yo Design Co.
Daniel DiPrizio
Edelman Design Communications
Emu Design Studio
Exclaim Inc.
Firebelly Design
Gittings Design
Group Chicago
Joslin Lake Design
Ketchum, Mandabach & Simms
Krivanek+Breaux Art+Design
Marketing Support, Inc.
Sharon Oiga
Petertil Design Partners
Petrick Design
Robertz Webb
Cristina Rutter Design
Sandbox Studio
Scott Foresman and Studio Montage
Segura, Inc.
Strizek & Associates, Inc.
Studio/ Lab
Upshift Creative
Windy City Communications
Richard Zeid Design

The STA was established in 1927, and carries with it a rich tradition of Chicago design works and fellowship. Today's STA builds on this social and professional heritage through programming, our annual "Do It Yourself" conference, thought-provoking events, creative road trips, and now, through the Archive competition.

ADC 2004 by Carlos Segura

Segura's participation in the 83rd NY Art Directors Club earned 1 Silver for the Corbis Crop series, (see Crop-5) and 1 certificate of merit for the creation of 5inch in the 2004 Annual.

ADC History.
Louis Pedlar, who was strongly influenced by Earnest Elmo Calkins, initiated the Art Directors Club in 1920 in response to the uncertain relationship between advertising art and fine art. Pedlar brought together a group of art buyers, art department managers and layout artists to pool ideas and knowledge, and to investigate the idea that advertising could be judged by the same stringent standards as fine art.

They would meet at ADC’s original 1920 home, the Roof Tree Inn on West 28th Street, the club moved to the Art Center on East Sixty-fifth Street in 1921. From 1962 until 1971, ADC occupied the penthouse of the DePinna Building on Fifth Avenue. ADC moved to the penthouse of the Newsweek Building on Madison Avenue in 1971, then to the Flatiron District in 1986 and to its new home at 106 West 29th Street in the fall of 2000. (source: ADC)